What makes Oasis different?

There are any number of learning opportunities out there in our dance world. Weekend workshops, dance festivals and camps. How do you choose which one of the many out there is the one that you want to spend your funds on?

Each event has one or more named instructors specializing in an area of the dance that they will present. The list of topics is as long as the number of events. Beginning with Oriental or Raqs Sharqi and running the gamut of the various styles of folkloric and fusion. So first you have to decide which is the most important to your dance education at that point. Then you look at the options offered. Is there a choreographed dance to learn? Is there a lecture offering more information on the topic? Is there a performance opportunity.

The Oasis focus has always been and still is to make you a better dancer when you leave than when you arrived. Focusing on Oriental Technique, which so many of the other dance styles are based on, you should take home the tools to continue the work you’ve started at Oasis. Your knowledge of the music and the dance will have increased and will hopefully encourage you to learn more about the music on which our dance is based. You will have spent many hours learning and drilling movements and combinations with live accompaniment. These are then offered in a choreographed number to show how these steps can be utilized in your own dance.

There may be other events that offer much of the same things, so what is it that really makes Oasis different? Cassandra Shore accompanied by Nicole LeCorgne.

In Cassandra we have one of the foremost master instructors available anywhere. Recognized for her ability to truly make the music visible in her own performance she is able through demonstration and explanation to make the individual elements understandable and able to be learned. Her knowledge and experience in Oriental Dance is unexcelled as is her ability to successfully share those things through her teaching.

Nicole has been accompanying Cassandra in class for many years now. Their partnership in the classroom is seamless letting each lesson move from one rhythm to the next with the a single word or sometimes just a nod. Of course having live drumming in class heightens the experience and shows you just how it feels to move with the drum leading you.

Oasis does not lack for those social events that add to the pleasure of hours spent with other dancers and the camaraderie that forms in those times. An effort is made for all the dancers attending to get to know one another and everyone has the opportunity to perform for the group.

So that is what we have to offer you at Oasis Dance Camps & Retreats. I hope that you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself - soon!